The Afterlife Experiment

Atra Hart has spent the last seven years locked away in Vanishing Plains Psychiatric Hospital. In that time, her shadow has transformed into its own entity and is growing stronger by the day, threatening to devour her mind. She calls that shadow Dread, and only her missing father knows what it is.

When a fire breaks out at the asylum, Atra makes her way to freedom just in time to see an electric-purple rift sunder the sky. Like Dread, the rift is only visible to her.

Atra’s already loose grip on reality unravels when she learns the rift is a gateway to the world of the dead. And the Queen, an ancient evil lurking on its fringes, wants Dread for her own.

Even worse, Atra can’t tell if any of this is really happening. She might have escaped one asylum, but the closer she gets to unearthing answers about Dread, why her father knows it’s there, and its role in the Queen’s plans, the more she risks getting trapped inside her own mind forever.

Maybe some truths are meant to stay buried.

Asylum Anomalous

It doesn’t matter how I ended up at Vanishing Plains Psychiatric Hospital. What’s important is that I do a tarot card reading for every single patient in here.

A seed had been planted in my head long ago, in the darkest depths, where there was no light for it to take root. Then that darkness sprang cracks, the foundation weakening, letting the light in. Enough for the seed to take root.

That root was an undeniable feeling that reality was going to crack open and I was the one burdened to hold it together.

And how do I do that? By reading the tarot cards. Maybe if I read everyone’s cards, I’ll have completed what I was supposed to do. Finally seal the crack in reality.

But what if I get to the end and I unravel it entirely?

This short story, which takes place before the events of THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENT, is availble for free exclusively through BookFunnel.